As you can imagine we are often in the company of florists, photographers, cake makers and DJ's and we have met some great people over the years.  Every now and then though you are wowed by somebody who has created something really special, you hear an amazing band, see a different corner of the barn beautifully photographed or are drawn to the most fantastic idea for a 'favour'.  Over the years we have met and got to know quite a few suppliers who do this and that rather well.  Many of them have visited us again and again which is brilliant because not only do we feel super confident about their work but they also get to know the barn pretty well too, which is really useful.  Here is a link to a list of those professionals who we believe do a bloomin' good job and who could prove rather helpful!  Please note that we don't receive any commission from any of our suppliers and the information provided is to be viewed as more of a guide than personal recommendations - a list to purely help make your lives a little simpler!

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