We still find it wonderful that a barn built back in the early 14th Century is still a bustling venue right at the heart of the local community.  Although we have breathed new life into those old stone walls it has been done with such love, care and attention to detail.  You'd expect this level of devotion I suppose, seeing as our family have farmed here since 1480. A record of Manor Farm, to which The Tythe Barn belongs, appears in the Doomsday Book and there is an interesting history written up about how priests used to hide in the farmhouse during the English Civil War.  Over 500 were secretly ordained by Bishop Skinner in the beautiful Norman Church of Launton, situated behind The Tythe Barn and we have tried, on a number of occassions, to locate and unveil the priests' tunnel that is believed to run from the farmhouse to the church.  

Historically the role of The Tythe Barn would have been to store all the produce provided by the local community and then a percentage of this would have been passed on to the landlord as a form of rent- hence the name Tythe.  Today, the property is farmed by the Deeley family and the Barn was used as a home for lambing ewes in the spring, harvesting grain in the summer and as a home to cattle in the winter. Sympathetically renovated by William and Emma Deeley, along with the adjoining Cowshed, The Tythe Barn is a stunning 14th Century venue in which to hold your event. Look out for the gallery of photographs creatively mounted and displayed in The Cowshed which document some of the Barn’s more recent history