We're Green

At The Tythe Barn we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and we have made a number of efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are conscious about trying to recycle as many materials as possible, from our office paper to our wasted food products.  We have in-house glass water bottles that are washed and re-used every week and all paper, cardboard and plastic is recycled.

We have installed the most efficient heating system that we could and increased the thermo-insulation of the barn by putting 5 inches of celotex boarding in between the layers of the reed thatch.  The 4 1/2 foot thick walls have been re-appointed on both sides and they now act as very efficient radiators.  Low energy LED lighting is used throughout the barn and the grounds.  

Wherever possible our food is locally sourced keeping down fuel costs as well as supporting local suppliers.  Meat from our family farm is incorporated into our menus such as the 'Slow Cooked Deeley Lamb' and in the summer months we like to use fresh asparagus from our friend David Markham's farm just down the road.  We use herbs from our herb garden such as the mint used in our 'Pimms' reception drinks and apples are collected from the orchard to the front of the barn.  

Natural resources and original building materials from the farm have been used and will continue to be used as much as possible with regard to the careful restoration of The Tythe Barn.