Barn Projects


The Tythe Barn Projects.

We’re always on the go here at The Tythe Barn and that’s not just with our beautiful weddings!  There’s always lots of work going on behind the scenes to keep the barn up to date and looking its best!  We just thought we would keep you all up to speed with some of our recent projects and give you an insight into life here at the barn throughout this past Winter and Spring.

So one of our newest additions to the barn of late is this gorgeous waterfall.

Life for our waterfall began as an old feeding/water trough that had been sitting around on the farm and not being used for quite some time. We were keen to find a use for it and - like so many things at the barn - we love nothing more than tweaking a once beautiful (but now redundant) item on the farm and breathing new life into it!  No surprise then that Will came up with the fantastic idea of creating a waterfall.  A perfect backdrop as you enter and leave The Tythe Barn and as it has it - not a bad little photo opportunity for our couples.  A picture of tranquillity...the sound of trickling water adds to the relaxing atmosphere of our beautiful countryside surroundings and as evening sets in, the waterfall lights up and you can grab yourself a stunning evening shot!


A couple of weeks ago we also had the carpet changed in the barn.  We try and do this every few years just to make sure the barn is fresh and always looking its best.  We’re thrilled with the result. 


Our lovely 'Arbour' has changed location recently.  We felt a move would be good to tie in with a new kissing gate we found on the farm which has been relocated to the field adjacent to our Paddock and just beyond our car park.  Providing another great photo opportunity the Arbour has become the favourite spot for our sheep and lambs to gather!  In the evening the festoon lights that we have draped around it look gorgeous and help to bring out the rustic romance so our newly married couples may now choose to step into the fields, say 'hi' to the sheep and cows and capture rather a unique moment on camera!


Our Shepherds Hut has had a few tweaks over the Spring with a few little additions being put into place to offer you guys even more luxury and convenience.  A place for your wellies, a local guide and map to the area - well, most importantly the two pubs in our lovely village and you will notice some new planting outside.  Nothing major just some little extras to add to its charm and create that great sense of being 'home from home' whilst you have the best sleepover ever. 


Inside the barn we have said goodbye to our ever resident curtains that we felt were beginning to look a little tired and dare we say it - dated!  In their place we have introduced something really special...a gorgeous pair of fantastic, big, old barn doors.  Lying around the farm, probably once part of the barn, we couldn't resist them.  It took a fair bit of careful planning and creativity to achieve the vision we were after but they now sit perfectly at the far end of the main barn and provide a stunning backdrop for our indoor civil ceremonies and look super when dressed with fairy lights.  Come the evening, they can roll back so that they sit against the old back wall and blend in perfectly with our old 14th Century barn.  We are slightly in love with them already!!!!


Will, Phil and James have been hard at work adding some beautiful reclaimed paving on a  small section of our back lawn which we decided would benefit our outdoor ceremonies in wetter weather.  You will notice them in the spot where we set up the benches as outside seating for guests and it will provide a far more practical solution when it’s been raining - particularly the ladies who may not enjoy the sensation of dealing with wet grass and high heels.  Never a good combination!


The kitchen has also had a revamp of late and is great news for the catering team providing them with a bit more space and comfort.  The work space is far more suitable and we are delighted as are the team.  We are sooo good to those is worth it though - the food they create is incredible!


Some other little extras… a new path and flower bed near The Hovel perfect for the lovely spring and summer months ahead.  Also, although we hope we would never have cause to use it, we have none the less recently purchased a large generator as a back-up.  This is just another one of those things we feel we want to do to reassure all our customers that we hopefully always think of everything, are always on top of things and are passionate about ensuring the smooth running of all aspects of your day. It can be hard work but we would never have it any other way! 

I hope this gives you all a little insight into what’s been happening here at the barn, we always think it’s nice to see what's happening behind the scenes.  We will of course keep you informed of any future updates but until then...

Bye for now x