Planning A Wedding In 6 Months


Planning a Wedding in 6 Months 

Are you recently engaged and thinking about planning your wedding? Don’t want to spend months organising your big day? Whether you have a reason for getting married in a short time frame or you simply don’t fancy having a long engagement, planning a wedding in 6 months doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need to know to help you plan your special day. 

6 months to go 

After your engagement elation, it’s time to get to work. Figure out your guest list first – don’t go straight to venue hunting if you don’t know how many people you’re going to be inviting. Once you’ve figured out numbers you can start looking at venues to suit your needs! 

Where the average couple starts planning their wedding 2 years in advance nowadays, wedding venues get booked up very quickly, especially prime dates such as Saturdays and Bank Holidays, especially in the summer. Why not look at booking a winter wedding instead? Whilst you may have dreamed of long summer nights sipping Pimm’s in a barn garden, a winter wedding with mulled wine, cosy blankets, open fires and romantic candlelight certainly paints a tempting picture.  Winter weddings at the barn are an incredibly popular choice.  The Tythe Barn comes into its own in the winter season and we put up our 'winter branches' with fairy lights that create a dramatic scene in our main barn.

You’ll often find with wedding venues that they have late availability offers. Dates can pop up out of nowhere, including weekend dates, whilst weekdays especially are generally more readily available. If you’re thinking about a barn wedding this year, why not take a look at our current available dates here

Once you’ve secured your wedding venue and date, the wedding planning can really start. It’s time to get those invitations out to your guests. Particularly if you’re looking at a winter wedding, the sooner those invites are out the better (if you’re to contend with the Christmas party season)! Forget save the dates and head straight for the invites – give them all the information they need in one hit. Have a look at the whole range of our in-house stationery here.

Then it’s time to start looking at other wedding suppliers. You’ll have to bear in mind that suppliers do get booked up in advance, so the sooner you can secure their services the better, particularly hair and make-up artists if you’re looking at a winter wedding (those Christmas parties again!). The supplier you had your heart set on may not be available on the wedding date you choose, but never fear, we have a wonderful list of wedding suppliers we would be happy to recommend. 

Firstly, take a look at your caterers. If you opt for a wedding venue like The Tythe Barn that have in-house catering, this will save you the job, but if not, we strongly advise you book those caterers within the first month. 

Secondly, book your wedding photographer. There are so many styles of photography out there that all you need to do is decide on the look you’re going for. Do you want traditional shots, editorial images or are you after a more natural style?  

Thirdly, book your celebrant and/or registrar – no wedding can happen without these so make sure you find the right person for you who can deliver the ceremony that you want. 

Finally, in your first month you should look at wedding dresses. Finding ‘the one’ isn’t always as simple as trying on two or three gowns – everybody is different. The best thing you can do is book yourself an appointment at a bridal boutique. They are always happy to listen to your ideas, guide and advise you to what styles you should try on (even if you hadn’t planned on even looking at that kind of dress), and they have this knack of making you feel completely at ease.  

Bear in mind that some designers may not be able to turn around a dress within 6 months, but bridal boutiques can point you in the direction of designers that have shorter lead times (saving you the heartache of looking at dresses that you won’t be able to have), as well as being able to offer a selection of sample dresses, often at a discounted price.  

5 months to go 

If you manage to get these booked in the first month even better, but if not, it’s time to book any other suppliers you might need. This includes the hair and make-up artist, the cake maker, florist, DJ or any live bands or musicians you’d like to have, venue decorators and hire if you need them, entertainers, videographers, or the master of ceremonies (a great way of keeping the day running smoothly).  

Sometimes your wedding venue will have extra decoration options they can offer for the day that you could book as part of the package. For example, at The Tythe Barn we offer fairy lights, a vintage bicycle, deck chairs, garden games – even a Landrover! We also have the option of providing your invitations for you, the Nook where the wedding party can get ready before the ceremony, and the Shepherd’s Hut where you can spend your first night as a married couple – all on site! Simply give your venue a call to discuss what they can do for you. 

4 months to go 

Those RSVP’s should be coming in thick and fast (in theory!) so you can start thinking about your wedding party. If you’re having bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen or pageboys on your wedding day, start thinking about getting their outfits at this stage. That will give you plenty of time to find something that works for everybody, fits with your theme or colour scheme, as well as time for any alterations that need to be made. You can always order online (as many couples often choose to do), but it’s always fun to book an appointment at a bridal boutique or menswear specialists – who could turn down a dress up session with your nearest and dearest? 

It’s also time to arrange the groom’s outfit. If they’re heading out to try on suits, it’s an ideal time to take any groomsmen with them to get it all done in one go. Quite often deals can be negotiated when buying more than one outfit! 

Next up is organising the hen and stag parties. This should be something fun that you can easily delegate to a bridesmaid or groomsmen so it’s one less thing for you to think about. The only thing you need to decide on is the date. 

3 months to go 

Now all the big stuff is out the way, you can start paying attention to the little extras. Shoes and accessories, centrepieces and table decorations, wedding favours, and extra decor ideas that really add that personal touch. Perhaps some photos of loved ones who can’t be with you on the day, a quirky guest book maybe, or some fun props and dressing up items for a photo booth. 

You should also head out to get those wedding rings if you haven’t done so already. Giving yourself plenty of time is key, especially if you’re having something bespoke or personalised. 

If you’re booking a hair or make-up artist, we would also advise fitting in a trial here. It gives you plenty of time to decide on your look so you can rest easy on the day. 

2 months to go 

After chasing up the last of those RSVPs, you can create the table plan. If you’re ordering from a stationery designer make sure you order in good time, but otherwise let your creativity reign free! 

At this point at the barn we will hold our 'Run Through' meeting with couples - this is where we discuss all the finer details of their day at length - we put together and finalise the timings, we confirm wine choices, decoration and lighting choices, sketch out any particular preferences for how our bride might like her place names or favours presented right through to looking at your choice of napkin fold!  No moment is left unscrutinised but it creates a calm and relaxed couple who are confident that we have everything in hand and it makes for an extremely polished and smooth-running wedding day!  Many of today's wedding couples like to have a little surprise up their sleeve for their guests... a singing waiter perhaps or an Alpaca or two??  Surprises aren't for us - we are ruthlessly 'nosy' and have to know exactly what's going on every second of the day!!

The second most important part of the wedding planning (or we think so!) is the honeymoon. Whether you’re heading off straight after the wedding or saving up to go a few months later, simply choose the destination and get booking – just like any other holiday. Don’t forget to mention it’s your honeymoon at any stage possible – who knows what special deals or upgrades you could get your hands on.  

1 month to go 

The excitement will be building as you work on the final touches. If you’re buying gifts for your wedding party, get shopping! Lovely extras they can use on the day such as jewellery, watches, even socks or dressing gowns, can be a lovely way of saying thank you. 


You should also make sure you get any final alterations made to any gowns or suits that you need, including for the wedding party. 

If you have any speeches you need to write, or if you’ve decided to write your own vows, now is the time to put pen to paper. If you haven’t already considered this, you should also look at any readings or poems you would like in your ceremony. 

And that’s it! The week leading up to the day will be final payments, confirming timelines and just enjoying your day. The idea of planning a wedding in 6 months feels like a mammoth task, but once you have those main elements booked and sorted in the first couple of months, the rest of the time you can enjoy as you make the journey towards married life.