Wedding Cakes


A Slice of Wedding Cake...

Some sweet inspiration!

The wedding cake is often a part of the day that much time and thought goes in to.  The options for different combinations of ingredients, styles and decor are increasingly more varied and as you can imagine - we’ve seen cakes of all shapes and sizes at The Tythe Barn.  The wedding cakes that arrive with us at the barn usually take centre stage in our cake window - a large space, surrounded by thick stone walls which creates a cool, drammatic backdrop and if couples wish to use our cake stand we have two very different choices for you to choose from.   Our incredible super large but all natural rustic log slice or a more traditional silver cake stand.  Both look great and we have seen some incredible designs on top of them over the years created by both family members and cake experts!  Which style of cake should you choose? Let’s take a look at some of our favourites to get you inspired.

Naked sponges have become a very popular choice for wedding cakes over the last couple of years, with a really rustic feel to them that’s perfect for barn weddings. Why not opt for a traditional Victoria sponge like the one above, keeping the cake itself fairly plain whilst decorating with delicate flowers to make it really eye-catching. Or perhaps you prefer the more rustic style of the lightly iced naked sponge cakes, like this fabulous option decorated with slices of orange and passionfruit. Bright colours really stand out as decoration against the neutral colours of the sponges, especially in a barn wedding venue.

Cheese cakes are also another popular choice for those who don’t have such a sweet tooth. Choose a hard and sturdy cheese for your base tier such as a cheddar or blue cheese. Create a second tier using another harder texture, such as a round of Cornish Yarg, and add your softer bries and goats cheese choices as the top layers. We love this design on our rustic log cake stand, artistically separated with cheese boards and decorated with flowers to match the colour scheme.

Also another fantastic 'cheese' cake. Perfectly rustic! Don't they look superb? 

But let’s face it, a traditional white wedding cake will never go out of fashion. Traditionally they are 3 tiered (though many often end up with four) – the bottom tier is eaten on the wedding day, the second tier is saved for the first anniversary, and the top tier is saved for the first child’s christening, though many choose to share all of their cake with their guests these days. A traditional wedding cake is all white, including the icing, whether that’s royal icing, buttercream or additional fondant decoration or pipework. The flavours of the cake inside are all down to you, so whether you like a simple vanilla, a sweet chocolate or red velvet sponge, or a filling fruitcake, you’ll be certain to give yourselves plenty of options to suit all tastes by choosing a traditional wedding cake.

If you’d like a more modern feel to your wedding cake, you could take a look into metallics or glitter. These types of cakes often appear on Pinterest and really have a magical quality to them. We’ve been lucky enough to see some of these styles in person – don’t they look fantastic? 

Don’t forget to think about your cake topper. Not everybody decides to have one these days, especially the traditional fondant couple that sits on the top tier, but there are some really interesting and quirky modern designs out there that would make a lovely alternative. How about something that says, ‘We do’, or ‘Just Married’, or maybe you can get a personalised design created in copper wiring.

As you can see there’s plenty of inspiration here to get you started – so which one takes your fancy? Why not head over to our Pinterest page for plenty more inspirational images taken right here in the barn.