An Autumn Wedding


Autumn Wedding Ideas

Seasonal styles at The Tythe Barn

The rich oranges and reds of the leaves, the brisk chill in the air, the cosy candlelight and warmth from indoors – nothing can compare to an autumn wedding.  We love to see the different styles that couples bring throughout the year to the barn and weddings in the Autumn emanate their own kind of elegance.  If you’re stuck on ideas but fancy including more elements of the season throughout your day, from the flowers to the cake to the table decorations, let us inspire you - all images are taken at our barn!

To start you off and one of the things we love to see at an autumn wedding, are the rich colours.  Choosing your colour scheme to complement the orange and red glow from outside gives such a warm and welcoming feature to your day.  This can be easily woven throughout the wedding and can be anything from a bright and vibrant style to more muted and darker tones.  Either way they photograph extraordinarily well!

Even down to the make-up you wear, autumn colours are simply divine. Why not go for natural browns and dusky eyeshadows but choose a shade of deep red for your lips like this gorgeous bride (with beautiful make-up by Tanya Westley).

Particularly when it comes to the flowers, bright colours work really well, with pops of orange standing out against the neutral shades of our barn.

Why not include the colours in your bridesmaids look as well?  These bridesmaids wore deep red gowns with these gorgeous flowers by The Flower Fairies delicately placed in their hair to complement. (Hair by Katie-Jane Whitlock)

Flowers in your autumn colour scheme can even be used as a simple decoration for your wedding cake, or why not add a few pine cones alongside or on your tables as centrepieces.

Now we’ve been pretty lucky this year with the weather during the day, but as we know Mother Nature can be a little unpredictable. There’s no need to worry at the barn as there’s always plenty of room inside for you and your guests to get warm, but should you decide to use the outdoor space, why not think about including some blankets and umbrellas as little extras for your guests to use throughout the day.

Don’t forget about your outfit.  Style your wedding dress with a cosy wrap to keep off that chill.

Another great addition to autumn weddings to bring that warmth to the day is lighting.  That could be fairy lights decorating your wedding venue, candles on the tables for the wedding breakfast or beautiful bulbs in outdoor areas to tie it all together.


We really love these hanging branches with suspended candles that were used to decorate the barn for one of our weddings recently and a similar idea was created with green foliage, stunning!  The limitations are endless, you simply need the imagination to bring it to life. 

If you need some more inspiration, we’re always uploading new photographs and ideas to inspire our couples for their own dream day on our website Gallery as well as over on our social media pages. Head over to our Pinterest page today to get you started.