Jen Marino Photography


As a wedding venue we work alongside numerous suppliers from all areas of the wedding industry and are usually the first step along the wedding planning journey for many couples.  As a result, we are often asked by our couples for advice, inspiration and tips that might help them to pin down the most fitting suppliers to complete their day.

We thought it would be great to share the 'love' for our suppliers and here we speak to Jen Marino about her take on wedding photography, photographing a wedding here at the barn, her rustic style, her favourite shots to capture and her best moment of the wedding day!  We love Jen's style - have a look for yourself...


1.    When did you first realise working in photography was the career for you and when was Jen Marino Photography established? 

I first realised that I wanted to be a photographer when I was about 14.  As vain as it sounds haha, I started to take self-portraits, looking back they were awful but I was trying to be creative! After that I plucked up the courage and started to take photos of family and friends on my little compact camera that my mum bought me for Christmas. 

I really enjoyed the process of taking photos and then editing them on Photoshop, I loved how I could see things in a totally different way that most people could. After school I went to college and did media, funnily enough I didn’t get accepted into the photography course. Now I am actually pleased because I heard it wasn’t that great and not getting accepted just made me push myself to learn everything that I could on my own and find my own way about it. 

At the age of 17 ( 2010 ) Jen Marino Photography was officially a registered business. I was terrified but it was the best decision I have ever made. 

2.    How would you describe your style of photography? 

I would describe it as intimate, raw, rustic and romantic.  I love capturing the raw natural moments, I love for people to be able to feel the love and emotions come through the images.

3.    The Tythe Barn is a big old barn – what or which photos do you think work really well and why? 

I absolutely love the big glass panelled back doors at the back of the barn and the beautiful tunnel of wisteria. You can get some incredible shots of the ceremony outdoors from that angle, I think that’s my absolute favourite shot of the barn. The whole the barn is so stunning though I really love shooting at this venue. 

4.    When discussing the wedding photographs with our Tythe Barn couples what have brides requested the most and what advice can you offer them when planning their photographs? 

Most of my couples that I shoot at the barn always want very natural photos as I think the barn just gives a really relaxed, natural vibe.  They love the grounds and want to make the most of it all.

5.    We all see what wonderful photographs you create, but tell us a bit more about what your job entails leading up to a wedding day here at The Tythe Barn?

I know how versatile the barn can be and how different each wedding can go at the barn. I always want to know how the couples day will go because there are so many options and different ways of doing things at the barn.  

Some couples like to have their ceremony indoors and some outdoors. A lot of my couples love having it outdoors because it’s so beautiful especially in the summer with the gorgeous flowers and wisteria. 

Some like to get ready in the gorgeous area of the barn called the Nook. Whenever I hear that my couples are getting ready in there I get really excited because it is the most stunning rustic building to get ready in.

6.    What do you love most about photographing a wedding at The Tythe Barn?

What I love most about the barn is that it can look so different for every wedding and I absolutely love the staff. They are so helpful and you can tell they really love what they do. I love how every time I shoot there, each wedding is so different and the barn always reflects that. The Tythe Barn is definitely my favourite venue and I am always so excited to shoot there.

7.  What’s your favourite part of the wedding day?

To be honest, my most favourite part of the wedding has to be the ceremony. I just love the emotion, I love hearing the vows and I love seeing the guests emotions and capturing those special moments. I do also really love the dancing in the evening!


8.    What would you say has changed the most since you started out as a wedding photographer?

People are definitely becoming less traditional. I think there will always be an element of tradition in weddings but people are more so now doing things the way they want to do it and not just because that’s the way they think they should. I feel like wedding blogs and social media plays a huge part in that. It’s great! As us wedding photographers can be so much more creative and every wedding is much more different.

9.    Outside of weddings, what else do you love to photograph? 

I love to photograph families and general portraits. I also do branding shoots for other creatives and small business owners. It’s definitely important to branch out and not just shoot one thing, but weddings are what I specialise in.

10.  Who are your top three industry professionals that inspire you the most within the wedding industry?

I don’t think I could choose as there are so many people that I admire. J

All photos by Jen Marino Photography