Team Building

Let us bring your group together, allow our venue to inspire and motivate.  We not only have the Barn, Cowshed and Hovel for your enjoyment but  we can also offer you a field or two should you so require.  We have had a few events at the barn and have got to know what works, what gets people going and what might rock their boat so please give us a call or pop over an email to find out just how we may be of use to you.  We have catered for a huge variety of team building functions - circus days, farm-based events including a 'milk the cow' episode as well as far more civilised do's like the gorgeous 'Mint Velvet' who indulged in some rather cool festival vibes for a few days or 'Volvo's' village fete and wellie wanging!  Our recent corporate guests were the wonderful crew at WEBER barbeques who hosted their event over the course of a week.  How we will ever get back to a normal working week after being treated to the delightful smells of fresh bacon on the grill at 7.30am each morning and lamb shanks around lunchtime I do not know.

It's all in the planning so come along and pick our brains...


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