Our Ethos

Tythe Works has been created, simply, to provide members with a gorgeous place to work where they can reap all of the benefits of the surrounding landscape and immerse themselves in an environment that’s rich in style, design and personality.

Allow our 14th Century barn to be your office, with fields on one side and lavish gardens on the other. Let us provide an environment that allows you to flourish. We’ve recognised that so many of us are becoming increasingly tired of working from home with many of us are craving that sense of real human connection. Feel good about where you work. We want this to be your home from home in the same barn that you all know and love. Get out of those sweats (or not – it’s your call!) or escape the humdrum of the office and explore a fresh setting that will keep you feeling inspired and energised.

Brainstorm in our orchard, take a lunchtime run across our fields, sip tea as our village church chimes just behind you. We appreciate that people are more productive if they’re working in an inspiring setting and we know nature makes us happy. Our space is set to be a feast for the mind and body, all the while sitting just a stone’s throw away from the surrounding major road and rail networks.

Our Approach

At Tythe we are very aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Over the years we have implemented a number of measures to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the local community that we’re so much a part of. Our approach to sustainability is a fundamental part of how we operate and we are constantly seeking new ways to be greener, more socially responsible and environmentally friendly whilst running a successful business. Further details on our sustainability efforts can be found in our brochure.

A core value of Tythe Works is to ensure all our members enjoy working in a safe environment. We place our members at the heart of everything we do whilst maintaining the spirit and passion of Tythe.

We have set out a number of measures in order to keep our members and team safe in a post-lockdown society and we continue to do everything we can to minimise the risk of COVID-19. These measures are based on current leading scientific advice and we will respond, adapt and be flexible should this advice or the requirements change. Further details on Tythe Covid-19 measures can be requested from our office.