One of the most frequently asked questions couples ask us when we are showing them around the barn is, in our experience, 'what works well at the barn?'  Whether this refers to the flowers, the photography, the favours or the best time to cut into the cake, we have realised our couples like to be equipped with lots of information - hints, tips and advise.   So here you have it, a handy guide / a photo fest of some of the many things that we think have 'worked' at the barn over the years - a fabulous mix of all sorts of things that I have been 'wowed' by over the years - and all of them here at The Barn!  The Tythe Barn is a great space and can be adapted and interpreted in so many different ways, why not allow the following pages to help spark an idea for your own day.  If you see something you like, why not borrow the idea, tweak it and then make it your own!

Before I share these little gems with you let's talk a bit about you.  No doubt if you have started looking at venues you're probably also in the depths of searching and dreaming up numerous ideas about your own wedding, how to theme it, how to style it and you will almost certainly be going mad pinning loads of pics to your ever-increasing Pinterest boards.  You are probably also feeling rather over-whelmed by it all and struggling with wedding overload.  Hopefully the following pages will help you!  

What follows is a personal selection (of which there are many, many more that I could add as I'm afraid I have definately accepted the fact that I've become completely wedding-obsessed - and why not?) but I would like to point out that there is no association or preference to any particular wedding supplier and I can promise that no dodgy deals with suppliers or back handers have taken place.  Apart from, of course, our little sister site - The Artisan House - which began life as a part-time hobby when I started making little things here and there for our brides at the barn and also on the back of my passion for interior design.  

As a creative I tend to absorb ideas from all sorts of things and find I'm inspired by something somewhere most days.  I use the things that I have spotted all the time in my work at the barn.  Many of the things you see around the barn may have started life on Pinterest and then developed into projects.  I loved designing and kitting out The Nook and The Shepherd Hut and Will and I seem to make a great team when it comes to our plans for the barn... I have an insatiable thirst to collect, design and create whilst Will has great vision and a sense of dedication and commitment like no other!  Many of the items around the barn are pieces that we have both stumbled upon at an antiques fair and I'm proud to admit I go all out to discover that one-off perfect treasure.  This passion to hunt out a gem has served me well and goes into overdrive with regard to weddings.  

The Artisan House is now a place to shop for all sorts of things for your wedding as well as a place to ear-mark gifts that you may like to add to your Wedding Gift List.  The products are all very carefully sourced and ethically produced - the driving force being to steer away from the mass produced and to embrace the beauty of the traditional artisan and craftmanship with many items being hand-crafted here in the UK.  The shop has the same love and attention to detail that we are so proud of at the barn, please drop by and I hope you love being part of our story -  http://theartisanhouse.co.uk

I believe that when you leave behind the generic and the ordinary you will discover something special, something that can not be imitated because there is only that one...and there you have it, we are back to The Tythe Barn!  Go grab some inspiration...

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