There is so much to choose from here.  So many different styles and I could talk about this till our Tythe Barn cows come home - but I won't.  Photography, like most art forms, is incredibly personal.  Here are a few of my absolute favourites over the years.


You knew it would be here, this wonderfully cool shot by the talented Matt Parry still gets me every time.  It depicts for me so much about what the barn is all about.

Had to add this one to the group - Rustic Elegance comes to mind!

I love this shot by Ed Peers because it captures the fun side of the barn - simple!


This image by Mark Lord always makes me smile.  It was taken soon after we got The Hut up and running, the wedding was joyous and I remember thinking it looked a bit like a shot from a fashion shoot.


As many of the photographers at the barn have come to realise - I love my textures and the barn is brimming over with them - stone, thatch, wood, copper, brick, terracotta - love it, love it, love it.  This photo - a fantastic snap by Frankee Victoria of our in-house wine 'Pig In The Poke' - captures the muted and layered tones of our wood bar brilliantly. 


Bride and Groom chillin' in the sunshine eating ice-cream!  Say no more.  Peagreen Photography.

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