Congratulations you’re engaged! We love seeing the flurry of Christmas engagements and if you’ve received a sparkly new ring this festive season then you’ll be brimming over with excitement but there are several initial steps to consider as you begin planning for your wedding. Here are some key things to think about and do:

Share the News: Firstly, this is an incredibly exciting time and you’ll be bursting to tell the world but before going public think about informing your close family and dearest of friends.

Celebrate: Take some time to celebrate this special moment with your partner. There will be plenty of time to dine out with friends on your engagement news but for now plan an intimate celebration for the two of you to mark the event. Whether it’s a quiet dinner or a weekend getaway, cherish everything about being engaged with the one person you’ve just agreed to spend the rest of your life with.

Set a Budget: Discuss and determine a realistic budget for your wedding. This will guide your decisions throughout the planning process. Once you have a rough idea on what you are both comfortable spending you can start narrowing down the decision-making. Think about the elements of the wedding that are most important to each of you so you can focus on where you want to allocate certain elements of the budget.

Choose a Potential Wedding Date: While you don’t need to set an exact date right away, having a general idea of when you want to get married will help when looking for venues and bringing together the vision for your day. Are you looking for a frosty, candle-lit winter wonderland wedding or an alfresco summer festival vibe? By exploring different wedding styles and themes you can begin to get an idea of the atmosphere you want for your big day. This can help guide decisions about the venue, decor, and other details.

Start Looking at Venues: Here’s where we come in at Tythe. Christmas and the New Year are considered to be ‘engagement season’ and most venues will be holding some form of ‘Showcase’ where they will be opening their doors and inviting newly-engaged couples to visit the venue for a tour. Make sure you have properly researched any potential wedding venues so that they suit both your budget and your wish list for the wedding day. A few important questions to consider – ‘is the venue within budget?’, ‘does the venue have the capacity to accommodate my guest numbers?’, ‘can we have the type of ceremony we want?’. Once you’re confident the venue matches your vision and budget – schedule a visit. Top tip from Tythe – try to narrow down your showrounds to between 3 and 5 absolute favourite venues – this will help to keep you on track and closer to finding that perfect place!

Next week – get to grips with the questions you need to be asking, and why, at your venue showrounds with our Ultimate Guide to Venue Visits.

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