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by | October 25th, 2022

How to get the best wedding photographs by Igor Demba, award-winning international wedding photographer.

This summer Igor Demba (award-winning international wedding photographer) visited Tythe to shoot the newly renovated Farmhouse.

During his visit he explored every inch of the estate, seeking out the most beautiful spots to photograph. ‘I absolutely love Tythe, it’s such a beautiful space,’ he says. ‘They have created a vision for themselves and everything feels so individual. There are so many potential photo backdrops. Outside near the ruin is beautiful and unexpected but I’m a sucker for lines so the Avenue of Birch trees is the perfect spot to place a couple. It’s one of the things I love most about Tythe, you’ve got great spots everywhere.’

Here Igor shares his very best advice for no-regrets wedding photography.

Don’t let nerves ruin the day

‘I pride myself on providing the calm. My approach is very relaxed and very conversational.

In my experience, nerves so often come from not knowing what to expect. Couples need assurance that the day is going to go well and they’re going to enjoy it. Every single email enquiry I get says they don’t like having their pictures taken. That is much more the norm. The first time people are having proper professional shots done, in the UK, tends to be on their wedding day. The fear and the awkwardness simply come from not knowing what to expect, how they should act, what to do with their hands, and then over-thinking it. When you work with me, it’s like having a very good friend there who just happens to have incredible skills at photography.’

Timing is everything

‘Couples should think about maximising the Golden Hour when the light is often at its most flattering – when all the pressure has gone, all the formalities are done and you’re very much enjoying your guests. The most memorable shots tend to be taken at this time, when I take the couple out of the hustle and bustle of the day and they are able to just breathe. That’s when it sinks in, we’re married. We’ve done it.’

Feel the chemistry

‘If you want great wedding photographs, you have to feel a connection with your photographer. If you don’t, it will show in your images, it really will. I always want to get to know my couples a little beforehand. Then ask yourself, do you like the images they have shot so far, can you see yourself in them? Do you like the way they shoot locations, the details, all the little in-between moments, do you connect with that vision?

Always have a zoom chat at least, and preferably the two of you together. I like to see how you connect with each other too. I tend to mimic my couples. If they’re quiet, then I will reciprocate that quietness but if they’re louder, I’ll match that as well.’

Make space for spontaneity

‘I don’t go into a wedding with a defined shot list in mind. If you’re too focused on that list, you miss things as they are happening. This is what makes my images much more relaxed, being there and being able to read the room, being in the moment. Although I do have to become strict Igor for the group shots, the family photos. That’s where I become a bit more military. I make sure everyone is there before we start. That time can really eat into your schedule so it needs to be well planned to run smoothly – and the family will thank me for it.’

Embrace emotion

‘Ever since becoming a dad the speeches are a part of the day that I really enjoy. The first time I shot a father-of-the-bride speech after my daughter was born four years ago, I was an absolute mess. It all had a completely different meaning to me. But as an artist, the bit I always look forward to are the couple shots because that is really where there is an opportunity to create something unique that represents them.’

Trust the professional

‘I will typically shoot about 8,000 images on a wedding day and I edit that down to about a tenth of that, around 800. I have to be ruthless, but that’s what people are paying me for, to select only the very best images, to curate a gallery that tells a beautiful story that has a narrative. I say from the very beginning, do not worry about how the images will look. That’s my job. You should enjoy yourselves and each other. And if I’m not saying anything, it’s because I am getting exactly what I need. That puts the pressure on me, not them.  If couples have their own ideas too, great, it’s a collaboration, that’s always a plus.’

Love Igor’s photography as much as we do and would love him to capture your wedding day here at Tythe? Please do get in touch. Do check out his fabulous Instagram page and for even more inspiration head over to his website.

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