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The Farmhouse has been the family home of The Deeleys’ for over 500 years.  Located at the heart of Manor Farm and redesigned and re-imagined for our wedding guests it now offers the perfect ‘home from home’ a stone’s throw from the Tythe Barn and gardens.  

The Farmhouse is offered exclusively to couples choosing to book Tythe for their wedding and is available for a minimum of a 2-night stay.   Arriving at 4.00pm the day before your wedding and departing at 11am the day following your celebrations provides the wedding party with quality time together across the whole few days.  The Farmhouse is offered with our wonderful food and beverage option or couples may choose to stay on a self-catering basis.  



At Tythe we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and our passion to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local community were as important  when developing The Farmhouse as they have been throughout all stages of the business. Our approach to sustainability is a fundamental part of how we operate and we are constantly seeking new ways to be greener, more socially responsible and environmentally friendly.  We know small steps can make a big difference – so as well as The Farmhouse being kitted out in typical ‘Tythe-style’ with the usual passion and flair for detail, you and your guests can also enjoy impressive interiors which combine a carefully curated collection of antique finds and thoughtfully sourced pieces such as ceramics made by local artisans or soft furnishings chosen for their sustainability credentials. Many of the rugs and textiles throughout The Farmhouse are made from recycled plastic bottles and there’s been a definite focus for championing all things British.   A rural idyl with a timeless quality and a conscience but the whole place oozes charm and an understated elegance. 

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Team Tythe

  • Will & Emma

    Will founded the business in 1997 and is as heavily involved today as he was back then. You will see him planting trees, cleaning toilets and re-arranging the tables. Emma has become the driving force behind the business and led the rebranding to tythe. in 2020. As the creative head, Emma directs all elements of brand identity and oversees all the interior styling of our spaces including most recently The Farmhouse.  Whilst she works tirelessly in the background, she often jokes that her husband still takes all the credit! 

  • Sandy
    Mrs Moneypenny

    Sandy has the (un)envied role of sorting out the financial side of the business and is an absolute pleasure to work alongside. Her friendly and gentle approach brings a much-needed air of calm to the office, particularly Will's side of the office!

  • Tina
    Function Manager

    Tina has been working at The Tythe Barn for a number of years. Cool, calm and collected with a faultless memory and a keen eye for detail, she has a natural flair for event management and will have the look and feel of your event nailed down in no time at all.

  • Joe
    Man About Town

    Joe is one of those team members that is always quietly busy in the background.  He'll be hidden from view and beavering away on some job somewhere on site - behind a flowerbed, beneath a ceremony bench, under the bar (cleaning pipes, not dozing) but when you need him he's there in a flash.  The backbone for much of what goes on behind the scenes during the week, he spends a lot of his time lifting, cleaning, fixing and sanding but he will then pop up impeccably dressed with a smile, as always, Front Of House for an event.

  • Vicki
    Social Media Superstar

    Vicki is the whizz behind most of our Social Media, so if you're into your Insta or love a dose of Pinterest then you've probably already enjoyed some of her regular posts. Social Media can be mind-boggling but with her calm, organised approach and thirst for what's 'trending' - Vicki is our girl!

  • Cleaners
    The Clean Sweep Brigade

    They are a brilliant, dedicated and loyal team who are vital to the smooth running of the business. They always arrive with smiles on their faces at silly o'clock in the morning and work tirelessly around the barn whilst the majority of us lay tucked up in our beds. We could not do without them!

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