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Everybody has their own personal favourite when it comes to hair and beauty...and headwear so it is a little tricky to sort this one out however we will pass on a little bit about what we know regarding this very important little matter...

There are alot of hairdressers in Bicester, for some reason we seem to have more than our fair share for a small garrison town but that bodes well for you because - there's choice!!  For wedding 'Up Do's' there's Anne Veck, Belle and The Hair Gallery in Bicester and Browns in Buckingham which may be a bit further out but they're great.  For a more personal touch there is Sophie Nolan, who has her own salon and is prepared to travel to you if you prefer and then there's a fairly recent newcomer to hit the market square in Bicester - John Russell.

We are also blessed with a few very good beauty salons and Belle - tucked away near Crumps Butts (yes that really is the name of the road!) - seems to cater well for all manner of treats, waxes, eyelash additions and nail beautification.

Hats, and how we wear them, has evolved slightly from years gone by but they are still very popular.  If you want to see someone who definitely knows her Fascinator from her Hatinator you need to contact Jenni Walker of The Hat Hire Company.  She also makes a damn good coffee!

It's important, it's mind-blowing but...it's enjoyable!  Take a look at our list of suggestions! 


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