Jen Marino Photography

As a wedding venue we work alongside numerous suppliers from all areas of the wedding industry and are usually the first step along the wedding planning journey for many couples.  As a result, we are often asked by our couples for advice, inspiration and tips that might help them to pin down the most fitting suppliers to complete their day.

We thought it would be great to share the ‘love’ for our suppliers and here we speak to Jen Marino about her take on wedding photography, photographing a wedding here at the barn, her rustic style, her favourite shots to capture and her best moment of the wedding day!  We love Jen’s style – have a look for yourself…

1. When did you first realise working in photography was the career for you and when was Jen Marino Photography established?

I first realised that I wanted to be a photographer when I was about 14. As vain as it sounds haha, I started to take self-portraits, looking back they were awful but I was trying to be creative! After that I plucked up the courage and started to take photos of family and friends on my little compact camera that my mum bought me for Christmas.

I really enjoyed the process of taking photos and then editing them on Photoshop, I loved how I could see things in a totally different way that most people could. After school I went to college and did media, funnily enough I didn’t get accepted into the photography course. Now I am actually pleased because I heard it wasn’t that great and not getting accepted just made me push myself to learn everything that I could on my own and find my own way about it.

I really enjoyed the process of taking photos and then editing them on Photoshop, I loved how I could see things in a totally different way that most people could. After school I went to college and did media, funnily enough I didn’t get accepted into the photography course. Now I am actually pleased because I heard it wasn’t that great and not getting accepted just made me push myself to learn everything that I could on my own and find my own way about it.

2. How would you describe your style of photography? 

I would describe it as intimate, raw, rustic and romantic. I love capturing the raw natural moments, I love for people to be able to feel the love and emotions come through the images.

3. The Tythe Barn is a big old barn – what or which photos do you think work really well and why?

I absolutely love the big glass panelled back doors at the back of the barn and the beautiful tunnel of wisteria. You can get some incredible shots of the ceremony outdoors from that angle, I think that’s my absolute favourite shot of the barn. The whole the barn is so stunning though I really love shooting at this venue.

4.  When discussing the wedding photographs with our Tythe Barn couples what have brides requested the most and what advice can you offer them when planning their photographs?

Most of my couples that I shoot at the barn always want very natural photos as I think the barn just gives a really relaxed, natural vibe. They love the grounds and want to make the most of it all.

5. We all see what wonderful photographs you create, but tell us a bit more about what your job entails leading up to a wedding day here at The Tythe Barn?

I know how versatile the barn can be and how different each wedding can go at the barn. I always want to know how the couples day will go because there are so many options and different ways of doing things at the barn.

I know how versatile the barn can be and how different each wedding can go at the barn. I always want to know how the couples day will go because there are so many options and different ways of doing things at the barn.

Some like to get ready in the gorgeous area of the barn called the Nook. Whenever I hear that my couples are getting ready in there I get really excited because it is the most stunning rustic building to get ready in.

6. What do you love most about photographing a wedding at The Tythe Barn?

What I love most about the barn is that it can look so different for every wedding and I absolutely love the staff. They are so helpful and you can tell they really love what they do. I love how every time I shoot there, each wedding is so different and the barn always reflects that. The Tythe Barn is definitely my favourite venue and I am always so excited to shoot there.

7. What’s your favourite part of the wedding day?

To be honest, my most favourite part of the wedding has to be the ceremony. I just love the emotion, I love hearing the vows and I love seeing the guests emotions and capturing those special moments. I do also really love the dancing in the evening!

8. What would you say has changed the most since you started out as a wedding photographer?

People are definitely becoming less traditional. I think there will always be an element of tradition in weddings but people are more so now doing things the way they want to do it and not just because that’s the way they think they should. I feel like wedding blogs and social media plays a huge part in that. It’s great! As us wedding photographers can be so much more creative and every wedding is much more different.

9. Outside of weddings, what else do you love to photograph?

I love to photograph families and general portraits. I also do branding shoots for other creatives and small business owners. It’s definitely important to branch out and not just shoot one thing, but weddings are what I specialise in.

10. Who are your top three industry professionals that inspire you the most within the wedding industry?

I don’t think I could choose as there are so many people that I admire. J

Wedding Music

Three ways to include music on your wedding day

Music is often one of the last things people consider for their wedding day, but it’s also one of the best ways to add a romantic atmosphere, liven the party or simply allow your guests to relax throughout your day. We’ve seen a lot of styles and set-ups over the years at The Tythe Barn, so we’ve pulled together 3 great ways to include music on your wedding day.

The Ceremony

Unless you’re planning to stick to the traditional wedding march, you’ll need to come up with a selection of songs for your wedding ceremony. We advise our guests to have at least 5 – one for the bride’s and/or groom’s entrance, two to three to cover the signing of the register, and one for the couple’s exit as they walk down the aisle, plus any you’d like whilst the guests are arriving.

A couple can choose to simply plug in their iPod or phone or even a laptop to play music for the ceremony but a popular choice and one that works really well during this part of the wedding day is for couples to hire one or more live musicians to play.  This creates a great atmosphere from the beginning and there really is something quite special about live music. 

String quartets, pianists or harpists (a very popular choice for ceremonies) can make for a lovely instrumental offering. The wonderful Tory Handsley is in high demand here at the barn for her talent as a harpist – pop your favourite song down on a bit of paper and she will bang it out on the harp for you…even Guns and Roses!  Singing guitarists are also a great choice, creating acoustic versions of popular songs that work really well for wedding ceremonies.  

The wedding industry awards

As many of you may already know the last few months have seen all sorts of activity within the wedding industry scene due to it being ‘Awards Season’!  For us here at the barn it has been exciting times as we saw ourselves being both shortlisted for and winners of a number of trophies.  It started with being shortlisted for the Regional Finals of the 2019 Wedding Industry Awards in two (yes two) categories!  Countryside Wedding Venue and Wedding Event Team for the South Central area.  We were absolutely delighted and found ourselves travelling to Farnham Castle back in November for the first awards ceremony with much anticipation and excitement. 

We were thrilled to win the Best Countryside Wedding Venue of The Year 2019 and brought our trophy back to the barn feeling incredibly proud and hugely grateful to all of the judges and of course all our wonderful brides and grooms who voted for us. 

Most of the team, both the The Tythe Barn and Absolute Taste, then travelled on a minibus to London on Wednesday 16th January (imagine that for a minute) for the National Awards but we were just pipped at the post by the Old Kent Barn, however being voted as one of the 8 best countryside barns in the UK was fabulous news to us!  Following the awards we are sent the feedback collated during the voting process which means we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to read all the wonderful comments from our couples and… wow what a read that was!  Thank you so much to each and everyone of you. Firstly for spending the time to vote and secondly for your amazing comments.  We have had an amazing year at the barn and we would also like to thank you all for sharing it with us. You too were all part of our wonderful story and we will be forever grateful.

Wedding Trends

2018 has certainly left its mark, with ultra-violet accents from the Colour of the Year, some gorgeous natural greenery chosen by couples to dress their venues and tables, and some offbeat animals (llamas we’re looking at you!) Now it’s time to take a look at the 2019 wedding trends coming our way.

Let’s start with the 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year, Coral. Now we’ve been lucky enough to see this bright and beautiful colour in action at past weddings at the barn, and it certainly lights up the room. From rich bridesmaid dresses to subtle floral touches, it’s such an eye-catching colour, and it really pops in bouquets. Why not consider it for your cake decoration or even make-up as well?

Word in the wedding dress world is that we’ll see a return to simple and classic styles – minimalists rejoice! Now this can only be following the beautiful royal wedding back in May, where Meghan Markle wore a simple white ceremony gown with bateau neckline. Sometimes it’s good to keep things simple with clean lines and no embellishment, allowing your beauty to shine. 

Shepherd’s Hut Stays

The Shepherd Hut, a place to call home – for a limited time only.

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BOOK NOW for a sleepover with a difference and cosy up this autumn and Christmas surrounded by luxurious sheepskin blankets and woollen throws in front of the roaring wood burner!

Tucked away in a corner of The Tythe Barn’s grounds, The Hut is more ‘shaggy sheep’ than shabby chic but it is filled with all the creature comforts you would expect from a luxurious stay!

Keep it lazy and curl up with a book or rank it up and take in the local sights. On our doorstep you’ll find Bicester Village retail outlet, Blenheim Palace and the gorgeous Cotswolds to name a few! If Saturday is for shopping then Sunday calls for a walk through our fields and a lazy, local pub lunch!

Fancy this little getaway? Perfect for celebrations – anniversary, birthday or just because…?

Get in touch with our office for more details and to book:

[email protected]

01869 321442

10 Questions for Jemma at The Flower Shed Oxford

Continuing our ’10 questions’ blogs – grab a coffee and snuggle up with this one…we’re sharing the love of flowers! We see so many wonderful suppliers here at the barn and wanted to share their amazing work with you all – it’s fascinating to see life behind the scenes and the incredible work that goes into creating that dream wedding! With that in mind here’s a little insight into Jemma’s life in her little shed…bloomin’ marvelous!

1. When did you first realise working with flowers was the career for you and when was The Flower Shed Oxford established?

I just simply knew there was a creative role out there for me that I had to fulfil, somehow, somewhere and being a forever fan of nature and in awe of it constantly around me, it became my zen. My place of peace and wonder. As I got older this grew and grew. I found a local florist in Oxford, walked in and asked for a job. Just the smell alone, got me hooked. That leafy tree smell of a florist shop. The rest is history! Years went on gaining experience, college was alongside that in the early days, and my role turned into running a florist shop on behalf of someone else. Then I took the massive step to go at it alone in 2015 when my little baby – The Flower Shed Oxford came into its own.

2. How would you describe your style of floristry?

Rustic. True to myself. True to nature. Full of foliage – I just adore the green stuff. I would make bouquet after bouquet of all foliage. A bundle of moss gets me, let alone any flowers. Letting a flower speak for itself with its friends alongside it, is my thing.

3. The Tythe Barn is a big old barn – what or which flowers or installations do you think work really well and why?

Ahhh where to start on the barn!! The length of the barn works on the eye best, (for me anyway) as banquet tables. The stretch of beams width ways works deliciously with the bar

e wooden tables length ways. It brings the room together. Dressing the long beefy tables with lengths of yummy foliage is my kind of yummy. Taking the foliage up onto the corners of the thick wooden beams brings the height of the room inwards. Collectively making the entire barn cosy and rustic. I also very much like hanging hoops of flowers and foliage from the trees outside!

4. When discussing wedding flowers with our Tythe Barn couples over the last year, what have brides requested the most?

Beam Décor! Defo. I think my Brides appreciate my love of foliage and how it takes the room to another level adding nature in a very natural way. No tightly conformed shapes, just naturally done and of course, the customary Milk Churns. Who would have a wedding at the barn without using those beautiful Milk Churns? They are versatile for the entire day!

5. We all see what wonderful floral arrangements you create, but tell us a bit more about what your job entails leading up to a wedding day here at The Tythe Barn?

There is tons of planning and organising that takes place behind the creations you guys see at the end. The endless trips to market, the early mornings, cold and wet, windy and boiling – us Florists work through it all and with a product that needs care like a new born baby! Then there’s the rapport with our Brides and Grooms and the meetings and planning and quoting…. see! It’s not just playing with pretty flowers 😊 but working at the Barn is dreamy for me. I love the staff and am in constant contact with them peeps to work together as a team, and that we really do.

6. What would be your most important piece of advice for couples when planning their wedding flowers?

If it isn’t an instant recommendation, go round to two or three florists, because you’ll know instantly who is right for you, it’s not just about budget or location. It’s the feeling you get with that person, that florist who wants to do you proud. You’ll work together to get your dream flowers for your day, you must feel comfortable. The other must is experience. Your florist should fill you with ideas for the venue and you must come away skipping after meeting with them!

7. What do you love most about working at The Tythe Barn?

THE PEOPLE! And of course, for me – all the natural wood. And fit Phil – you better not publish that bit. (Ooops, sorry Jem, we just had to enjoy making Phil blush!)

8. What would you say has changed the most since you started out as a florist?

Trends. When I started out, it was simply making someone smile with flowers, any flowers! But maybe just in their favourite colour or what their Gran had. Now, a lot of choices are based on trends, so it’s really important to stick with what you love, not what social media is putting out there.

9. What’s the best part of your job running The Flower Shed Oxford?

This is tricky, but it’s got to be, doing things my way. I longed for the freedom of creativity after working in shops. Without effort or trying, my little brand came into its own simply through my own love and beliefs. My Brides see that and come to me for sharing that very same love of style. Secondly, the inward peace that working with nature gives. Its like a shut down to everything else and a world of Jemma and her flowers happens in those hours. It’s my own bliss.

10. Who are your top three industry professionals that inspire you the most within the wedding industry?

Lauren Wheeler Artistry – she’s inspiring as a business woman, a friend and knows exactly what she’s doing.

Karen, Cakes by Kit – She is the most down to earth lovely women and a joy to work alongside. Together we work and make that couples cake dreams made real.

Matt Parry – He’s so cool. His creativity with individual, different shots constantly inspires me. He never fails to make every wedding at the barn unique.

Photography credits:

Tom Wood Photography

Kari Bellamy

Juniper Green

Claudia Rose Carter


Jamie Waters

Kevin Mullins

Matt Parry

Ilaria Petrucci

Deb Porter

Alexandra Jane

First Sight Weddings

A Relaxed Country Wedding

Alison and Stuart had the most amazing weather for their gorgeous July wedding. It was hot hot hot!!!

Wanting a relaxed theme for their day here at the barn, Alison and Stuart chose amazing photographer Matthew Bishop  who’s approach is friendly and relaxed and as you’ll see – the photos are just gorgeous! For their flowers, the couple went for a very natural ‘wild’ style with daisies and white flowers and this complimented the rustic charm of the barn really well. This was all created beautifully by Eleanor at Stem Ginger Florists.

So, on one of the hottest days of the year, Alison arrived and settled into our bridal preparation barn, The Nook. There was much excitement and giggles with her beautiful bridesmaids as they spent the morning getting themselves ready.

Alison and Stuart opted for an outdoor ceremony and with a short walk down our beautiful wisteria-clad wedding aisle, Alison and Stuart were ready to get married and the ceremony could begin.

After a beautiful intimate ceremony the couple could relax and enjoy some time spent with family and friends over reception drinks… a great opportunity for some really special photographs in the barn gardens.

Groom, Stuart had a huge passion for countryside pursuits and you can see nods to this in lots of the wedding day details. The buttonholes Alison made with her mum using shot cartridges with purple ribbon and feathers. Florist Eleanor, suggested adding the feathers, a few purple-blue thistles and some grasses creating this gorgeous laid back look.

The bride and groom were now ready to greet their guests for the wedding breakfast. The couple had opted for our popular self-carve menu. This is a great option where you can get your guests involved in the meal and is a really fun aspect of the day that guests and couples love! Our award-winning caterers Absolute Taste as always produce fine-dining at its best!

After indulging in the wedding breakfast this is the perfect time for some great couple shots! Matthew Bishop has photographed many weddings at the barn and knows all the best locations for those ‘must-have’ photo opportunities!

One of the real wow factors of this day and one that we felt worked so well with the laid back style of the barn were the beautiful flowers… 

Ending the day with a dance and evening drinks, this really was a special summer wedding.


A boho summer wedding!

Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy all the beautiful rustic details from pampas grass to twinkling fairy lights, bride Heathers amazing DIY talents to the cutest alpacas! 

Treat yourself to some magical wedding inspo… 

The barn looking cosy for the wedding breakfast and pampas grass displayed in our milk churns. Great for an outdoor ceremony.

Beautiful bridesmaids dresses by Lace and Beads and a gorgeous Rue De Seine gown for bride Heather…

Flowers by The Great Little Flower Company.

An incredible day for Heather and Tom and love this shot of our fantastic lawn!

Now featured over on Rock My Wedding.

Wedding Cake: All Cakes & Sizes | Hair and Make Up: Oxford Wedding Hair & Make Up | Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine | Bridal Boutique: The Wedding Club Birmingham | Bridesmaids Dresses: Lace & Beads | Jewellery : Victoria James Jewellers | Hair Pins: Crown & Glory Accessories | Earrings: Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery | Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Souster & Hicks | Hand Painted Denim Jacket : Bride’s Own

A small wedding for 15!

A beautiful October day and the gorgeous intimate wedding of Hannah and Scott. So thrilled to share that this wedding is featured over on Coco Wedding Venues today – 

Here’s a few of our own favourite moments of their day captured by 

Hannah and Scott were originally getting married at the barn in May but unfortunately like so many, they had to postpone their day and after much deliberation they chose a day towards the end of the year hoping for the day they had originally planned. 

Another blow to their wedding planning came when the government changed the guidelines and reduced numbers attending weddings to just 15! This gorgeous couple didn’t let this get in their way and marched ahead with their plans and finally the day they had been looking forward to for so long had arrived!

A huge congratulations to them both; Hannah and Scott you persevered, were challenged at every corner but you did it… and what a day it was! These photos say it all…

Beautiful flowers provided by 

Make up by Katie Burt Make up and hair by Katie Jane Whitlock.


Hannah in her beautiful Maggie Sottero gown.

All ready for the outdoor ceremony and the weather wasn’t going to put a stop to the couple getting married outside!

A short walk down our wedding aisle…

… to the ceremony!

An absolutely incredible day that we hope will inspire you all planning your weddings during this difficult time! You will get your time and your day will be just as beautiful as you hope!