No one wants a rainy wedding, right? Let us talk you through how rain won’t spoil your day…

The excitement of the proposal is just starting to settle, you’ve spent most of you’re free time creating incredible Pinterest boards that evoke the style and vision you want for your own wedding day and you are beginning to build the dream.  Not only have you decided on your preferred venues but you’ve managed to narrow down a particular time of year and noted down that a priority is to find somewhere with great ‘outside space’ that allows for that all important outdoor ceremony.   With your planning journey kicked off to a good start and your partner convinced that spending all of their weekend visiting wedding venues is a fabulous idea, you head off for your first venue ‘showround’.

Many couples arrive at their prospective wedding venue, Tythe included, with their heart set on a particular date or month and will already have done a certain amount of research into the type of wedding day they have in mind.  Often, settling on the particular style of venue – be it a country house, barn, marquee or hotel – soaks up a big chunk of the initial research time so when couples arrive at Tythe we know they have probably narrowed their search down to just 3 or 4 venues.  A ‘showround’, for those couples who have not yet begun visiting venues, is generally a private appointment at a chosen venue where a member of staff will provide the couple with a detailed tour of the venue and grounds and give an outline for how the venue hosts weddings whilst taking into consideration the couple’s preferences for various factors such as time of year, guest numbers, choices regarding onsite ceremony versus church service and catering.

Soon after arriving for the appointment and with the venue’s perfect ‘outdoor ceremony’ photo firmly etched on their minds, the couple wander outside and see their dream setting – this incredible outside space and the perfect backdrop for their alfresco wedding.  But, it’s raining.  Sounding familiar?  That certainly wasn’t portrayed in any of those gorgeous Pinterest images!  So, how do you plan for an outdoor ceremony when you live in the UK – where it rains quite a lot?  No one wants a rainy wedding, right? The answer is – start this conversation early with your venue and don’t let rain spoil your day.  At your showround discuss what the venue has as a back-up plan should the weather not play ball on your wedding day.  Explore the alternative options for where your ceremony can take place, does this affect your guest numbers if the ceremony needs to be brought indoors, when does the decision need to be made regarding the weather and any impact it has on your ceremony setting and how will the weather affect other aspects of the day.  

At Tythe we have a beautiful indoor setting for our ceremonies which offers a breath-taking back-up option for our couples and decisions regarding the ceremony can be made right up until the evening before the wedding day.  Reception drinks that can not take place outdoors are held in our incredibly pretty Cowshed barn with floor to ceiling glazing that allows light to flood in and a roof that is lit with thousands of delicate fairy lights.  For Tythe couples, when the rain sets in and you know you’re going to be having a rainy wedding, it actually brings a rather magical element to a wedding day and there are a number of ways you can make sure that wet weather won’t mean wedding wash out.

rainy wedding day

Firstly, always be realistic and bear in mind that rain may feature on your day and rather than feeling disappointed and let down by mother nature have a back-up plan that involves exciting additions that you can look forward to putting in place.  These may be alternative props, for example with the threat of light showers only you may find an outdoor ceremony is still possible but you could place transparent umbrellas in pretty brolly stands at the end of each ceremony row.  When transitioning to an entirely indoor ceremony why not talk to the venue about additional lighting options – who doesn’t love an abundance of fairy lights and at Tythe we have the most beautiful chandelier that we can hang just above the spot where couples say their ‘I do’s’.  Can the venue bring guests inside whilst still offering the outdoors as an open setting?  The huge barn doors at Tythe can remain open to the gardens so with a little clever juggling of guests and the direction their facing – couples can remain beneath the beautiful framework of the doorway, in the dry, but with the outdoors as their alfresco backdrop?

Just because it happens to be raining it doesn’t need to mean you take the fun out of your wedding day or not embrace the outdoors.  Have some cool co-ordinating jackets to pop on for the bride and bridesmaids, invest in some antique wicker baskets to offer throws and blankets and look for musicians that are comfortable playing outdoors, beneath shelter if required (plenty of festive choirs brave the December weather – they just dress appropriately!)  Outdoor wood-burners offer a truly romantic spot to sit and sip cocktails, regardless of the weather and yes, cosying up beneath pretty brollies under sheepskin throws can be magical even in June!  Matching wellies or wellies in different colours make a fantastic wedding photograph and will offer a quirky memory of your day and let’s face it, photos are taken to tell your story and whether that is chilling on a deckchair or golden hour under dramatic stormy clouds – it reflects ‘your’ day however it evolves. 

Indoors, there are lots of wonderful elements to indulge in on a wet day.  Firstly, an indoor ceremony with a candle-lit aisle and no worries over the sun melting make-up or guests feeling chilly allows everyone to relax without distractions.  As you move onto the reception drinks make sure you and your venue have your back-up plan nailed down for the alternative space.  Tythe’s Cowshed has beautiful walls of glass doors down one side that concertina back to allow for the whole barn to be open to the gardens.  With wood-burners and underfloor heating this space is perfect whatever the weather and couples who may have planned for drinks on the lawn only to be greeted with a wet, rainy day have loved cosying up here, sheltered beneath the terracotta roof tiles with the sound of raindrops.  It also provides the photographer with incredible imagery.  Garden games don’t have to just remain in the garden.  Bring in the Giant Jenga and Connect Four and watch guests revel in the fun!

Generally in good old Blighty, the Wedding Breakfast will be planned for indoors so once you reach this stage of your wedding day you’re pretty much home and dry – excuse the pun.  It is often the case that rain won’t last all day anyway so there’s a good chance post-dinner that opportunities will arise to venture back outdoors to capture those pretty outdoor photos.

Tythe Barn Cowshed

At Tythe we have had many a couple who have planned for an outside wedding only to wake up to dark clouds and stormy weather.  Don’t rely on that July and August date bringing blue skies either as the weather is the one thing you can not control on your big day.  Embrace whatever greets you that morning and remember numerous other couples will have faced the same scenario and gone on to have the best day ever.   The team at Tythe are prepared for a curve ball and always have a ‘Plan B’.  “Such a beautiful venue, even in the rain!” (Kerri Rigby).   It is important for couples to remember that it is their special day in the company of their friends and family and a drop of rain and even a full blown downpour will never take that away.  Anyway, rain on your wedding day – it’s a sign of good luck! Emma x

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