Three ways to include music on your wedding day

Music is often one of the last things people consider for their wedding day, but it’s also one of the best ways to add a romantic atmosphere, liven the party or simply allow your guests to relax throughout your day. We’ve seen a lot of styles and set-ups over the years at The Tythe Barn, so we’ve pulled together 3 great ways to include music on your wedding day.

The Ceremony

Unless you’re planning to stick to the traditional wedding march, you’ll need to come up with a selection of songs for your wedding ceremony. We advise our guests to have at least 5 – one for the bride’s and/or groom’s entrance, two to three to cover the signing of the register, and one for the couple’s exit as they walk down the aisle, plus any you’d like whilst the guests are arriving.

A couple can choose to simply plug in their iPod or phone or even a laptop to play music for the ceremony but a popular choice and one that works really well during this part of the wedding day is for couples to hire one or more live musicians to play.  This creates a great atmosphere from the beginning and there really is something quite special about live music. 

String quartets, pianists or harpists (a very popular choice for ceremonies) can make for a lovely instrumental offering. The wonderful Tory Handsley is in high demand here at the barn for her talent as a harpist – pop your favourite song down on a bit of paper and she will bang it out on the harp for you…even Guns and Roses!  Singing guitarists are also a great choice, creating acoustic versions of popular songs that work really well for wedding ceremonies.  

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