Tythe – A Virtual Tour

Grab a coffee, relax and have a look around Tythe.

A Virtual Tour

Our virtual tour allows our website visitors an opportunity to explore the venue and gain a better understanding of the layout and sense of space prior to visiting in person.

The technology behind this digital view of the barn is rather clever and allows you to discover, in detail, all the different aspects and spaces we have available. We have also added ‘notes’ to assist you and to help you find your way around.

How does it work?

  1. There is an overall video of The Thatched Barn and The Cowshed which enables you to see the different areas, how you may want to use them and to inspire you when decorating and planning your event.
  2. The ‘Doll’s House’ view provides a 3D / cross-section of the venue which you can move/manipulate so that you can view different areas and angles of the barn.
  3. The 360 degrees – does what it says on the tin! Gives an all-round view of different areas of the barn – all controlled by you!
  4. Measuring tool– You can take specific measurements of the venue to help you with your planning.

Grab a coffee, relax and have a look around Tythe.