Timings for your Ceremony!

Emma has some great tips here for the timing of your wedding ceremony!

Lots of people say they want to make the most of their day and have an early ceremony, however, there are some implications to having a ceremony that is too early.

Let’s take 12.30pm as an example – lots of guests will have given themselves ample time to arrive at the venue allowing for traffic and other factors and so therefore you may have some guests arriving between 30 minutes and an hour before the ceremony.

Working on a 12.30pm ceremony, your guests probably won’t have had lunch so will be arriving at the venue and drinking their pre-ceremony drinks on an empty stomach. To counterbalance that, our caterers would highly recommend offering substantial canapés instead of our standard canapés to allow guests to fill up a bit as the actual wedding breakfast won’t be taking place for quite some time. Here you have cost implications as these substantial canapés would cost our couples more than your standard canapés. Definitely something to bear in mind.


Another helpful bit of advice is if you’re having evening guests. It’s a good idea to work back from when you want your evening guests to arrive. So for example, if you would like them to arrive at 7.30pm, then I would say 2.30pm is a good time for your civil ceremony. If you have a ceremony at say 12.30pm or 1pm your evening guests would probably be arriving at 5.30pm to 6pm to kick start the evening which is actually quite early. It’s a good idea to think of your ceremony time dictating the flow of your whole day.

Another implication of an early ceremony comes purely from the brides point of view and getting ready in the morning. You don’t want to feel rushed and lots of brides tell us that one of their favourite times of the whole day is that period in The Nook getting ready with their bridesmaids and family and of course if you’ve got a 12.30pm ceremony and you arrive at The Nook at 9am with quite a few bridesmaids as well as yourself to get ready, then that time does go very quickly. You want to be able to relax and really indulge in that moment.

Lots to think about but we hope that it’s helpful. Any questions please do get in touch with our office on [email protected]

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